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Kore Project management software

There are a lot of moving parts to ensure a construction business works out right.

As a manager, you have to constantly be on top of everything – ranging from crafting quotes and estimates for different jobs to keeping track of the jobs and making sure they’re executed to taste.

One thing you must have also found out is that no part of the project is less important than the other. Thus, distributing your attention to the different facets of the job at hand is very important.

This can fast become a problem when you have more than one job at hand. Even though delegation might help, there is a limit to how far that will go.

What, then, will make for a successful construction business?

For one, it would be the company that has complete control over all the projects it has at hand.
The successful construction business would also operate a model that allows them flexibility over all these projects.

Calling up each job, knowing the progress of the task at hand and all other information should be possible at a snap.

After all, that is the only way to be sure the management process is efficient enough to trickle into a seamless field operation at all times.

This is why the best managers will always seek out new tools to better their work. They will also seek out the right tools to better bring their project management skills to the fore. With those tools, they will be able to take back all the control. The ease of management will be brought back into the loop, allowing them to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

In a world that has now gone digital, there is no want for such tools. However, one would be hard pressed to come by one that does the job well. These problems and many more are what Kore Timesheet addresses.

What is Kore Timesheet?

Kore Timesheet is a project management software developed for construction companies. The software makes it easier to handle all the processes of construction from start to finish. In addition to that, Kore Timesheet makes it easier to handle multiple construction projects at the same time.

Kore Timesheet stands out in the way it offers you real-time information on running projects from anywhere. Due to its cloud support feature, you get to access what is happening on-site from the comfort of your home and offices.

You can also scale the software to any device of your choice – and from anywhere. Got started with a project on your desktop? You can continue managing it on your laptop while on the train home. You can even check in to see if the numbers add up on your phone at any time.
The transition between multiple devices is seamless. Moreover, that ensures you can always stay up to date while you are on the go.

Kore Project management software

Who can use Kore Timesheet?

Scalability is one of the biggest strengths of Kore Timesheet. That makes it a practical application across small, medium and large-scale construction businesses.

For that reason, we have integrated local support for New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom. The development of the software has also taken into consideration the unique needs of construction companies by region.,and the United States. How it works 

Kore Project management software

I’m Interested. How can I Know More?

If you are also ready to take your project management to the next level, get started by seeing all that Kore Timesheet has to offer you.

Alternatively, you can get on the phone with any one of our representatives. You can also send us a mail with your questions, and you will have someone attend to you in no time.



The software solves all the problems related to project management in construction companies. Whether it is a time sheet or the status of the project, you can just know it all just by swiping to your devices. Project management was never this easy in construction companies. This software has been primarily designed for the construction companies to manage their projects in the perfect manner that too without any delays or issues.

This software also allows its users to manage their projects without the need of them being there on the site physically. They can just in their offices or homes and check the status of their projects. just swiping will let them keep a check on all their ongoing projects. it is a very convenient tool that takes construction project management to a level of perfection. You do not have to worry about your project management as this software lets you control all your projects just be sitting in your office or your home.

You can navigate to other section of our site to know more about our products and services. Feel free to hit us up with your questions and queries if you have any. We will respond to all your queries and advice all the people interested in our project to discuss whatever doubts they have in their minds because customer satisfaction is our foremost priority.

Time is Money!

You can now manage your construction project management software with ease… from anywhere!.

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